27 February 2012

The Future Can Be Italy

Just published another piece on the current political (sic) crisis in Europe. This time it’s in the ‘Reinventing Europe’ project of the European Council on Foreign Relations, which presents itself as the first pan-European think-tank”.

“The future can be Italy. Right now the Italian democracy is working on the basis of broad policy consensus and non-party government. This could become the actual model for the EU and its member states in the short term…”

See the rest here:

A version in Spanish in the daily El Pais:


Gianfranco Pasquino said...

Italy is the troubled present, not the future for any democratic political system. The Italian experiment it will not last for long. A government of professors and professionals has a short tenure otherwise it will impinge upon all democratic principles. No, the European Union cannot and should not follow the transient Italian experience.

Universita di Bologna, Italia


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